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Talofa lava!

My name is Alexis, but everyone calls me Lexx. Half-Sāmoan, half Irish. I strive to live in the honor of my ancestors and be the bridge between the two cultures that make me the woman I am today. I live in the Portland, Oregon metro-area and have been adventuring for about 9 years now!

Some of my hobbies (that I can also help get others started with) are

- hiking + backpacking

- kayaking *recreational, no white river rafting

- snowboarding + splitboarding *newer to splitboarding

- cross-country skiing

- biking *streets + easy trails

Other non-outdoor recreation passions include, baking, cooking, photography, art (charcoal + acrylic), blogging and graphic design!

I am extrovert and love meeting new people!

Lexx / Alexis Whiteis

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