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frequently asked questions

What is Trail Mixed?


Trail Mixed is a collective - a movement and a community - for empowering women of color in outdoor sports. We exist to increase access through approachable education and gear, community spaces, and motivation and guidance through a partnered courses and Trail Mixed hosted events. 


How can I get involved?


For all - thank you for asking! We greatly appreciate any donation you can make to help us run this site, fund events and scholarships, and chase some big goals of ours. Spread the word, and follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our (fun and not gnawing) newsletter to stay up to date on new stories, events, and exclusive opportunities. 


Women of Color:

Join our community by signing up for an event, follow our emails and social media to stay connected, and consider pitching a piece to our online mag. We’re also looking for all-stars to join our writing team, lead future events, and more. You can find more ways to get involved here.



We rely heavily on brand sponsorships to keep this boat sailing. Whether it’s in-kind gear donations for an event, giveaway, testing, or scholarship, or it’s funds to help us pay experts to lead courses, run our website, and create programs - we need you. We believe brands can be advocates for WOC in the outdoors by investing in groups on the ground doing the work, which we think we are! We love collaborating and working closely with brands to nurture mutually beneficial, long term relationships. Email us with inquiries



Enjoy our content, help introduce us to the right people, and spread the word! Thank you for your support. 


I’m not a woman of color - why can’t I go to events? Isn’t this exclusion?


We aim to create affinity spaces, which are spaces where people have common interests, backgrounds, and shared lived experiences to enable a caring, and familiar learning and nurturing environment. While friendships can and do pervade any kind of group outline, having these dedicated spaces helps build a place where there is belonging, no judgment, and unique experiences that allow us to build trust. 


This is very different from discrimination or exclusion, which are forced separations that lead to trauma and pain and are meant to exclude a certain group because of animosity and division, rather than focus on an excluded group. These are places to heal and grow for previously discriminated against groups, to develop and ultimately impact interracial dialogue. Like a PTSD recovery group or a new moms group - this is meant to foster conversations and education for women with shared experiences, many of whom have not had the same privilege - whether that be in terms of finances, community, guidance, time, or something else - as traditionally dominant groups in the outdoors. 


How do I know if I’m a woman of color?


Women, trans women, and non-binary people looking for an environment that centers the experiences of women, and are non-white. 


How do I find out about new events?


Subscribe to our email newsletter and follow us on Instagram


I have an idea! Can I write a story for Trail Mixed?


We’d love that! Check out how to write for us.


Something else? Reach out here

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