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Trail Mixed Run Clubs

It's not always easy to get out to the mountains. Work, family, transportation, etc - there are lots of things that can get in the way. We don't want this to be a reason why someone can't join in on our events and community.

One solutions is local run clubs! 

Our run clubs are meant to be easy to access meetups for women of color that require minimal travel but provide maximum opportunity for community connection. 

Create a Run Club

What to expect:

As the host of a run club this is what is expected of you:

  • Organize all logistics - meetup location, time, etc.

  • Serve as the point of contact for attendees - reminder emails, updates, etc.

  • Show up - seems obvious but we have to say it

  • Have fun!

That's it! Run clubs are pretty simple yet a great way to bring folks together on a consistent basis!

Find Your Run Club

What to expect:

Run clubs are organized by WoC in various cities. As they grow we hope you'll find one in your area to join. Whether you're looking for the motivation to start running or just looking to connect with other WoC in your area, run clubs are here for you!

  • Post work-time meet-ups

  • Friendly to all abilities

  • Easy and fun way to connect with WoC 

  • Awesome conversation and company

Grab a friend and join us!

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