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The mission of Trail Mixed is to build community by uplifting, educating, and inspiring more women of color to explore the outdoors. We want to ensure that this community is a safe space for women of color to share, be vulnerable, and feel welcomed to the outdoors. These community guidelines are our acceptable use policy for Trail Mixed and the Mentorship Program. While the majority of this site is meant to educate and inspire anyone and everyone, we do require participants in the Mentorship program to be women* of color residing in the US. If you encounter anything or anyone that doesn’t follow these guidelines, please report it to us here (contact us link)

Trail Mixed is not a place for racist, harmful, hateful, false or misleading, or violent content or behavior. The Mentorship Program depends on relationships built on trust between the mentor and mentee. We know that we all come with our own past, as well as current traumas and experiences. For this reason we ask that those interested in participating in our Mentorship Program do so with an open mind, humbleness, a desire to listen and learn from one another, and respect each other to your fullest ability. We reserve the right to remove folks who exhibit behaviors that go against our mission and values.

*Cis women, tras wome, and non-binary people who feel an affiity with women.

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