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Lara Ruegg

Sunset over the Mountains

Hello I'm Lara (she/her)! I went on my first ever backpacking trip Sierra Nevada at the age of nine, and despite my constant complaining, I never stopped! Now I hike, backpack, (and sometimes climb) professionally as an outdoor educator. I've worked with students of all ages in the outdoors, and am currently based at an independent school as their Experiential Education Director. I am working through a long-term injury so would love to restart my outdoor adventures with new friends.

Home City:




What I can help with:

Backpacking: I've faced my biggest challenges and proudest moments while backpacking; Trail Running: a huge passion of mine that is currently on hold due to injury, but I still love to be part of the running community (I used to sell running shoes so if anyone wants recommendations!); Climbing: it took my years to get into climbing because of how daunting the gear and community was, I love teaching people to climb in a supportive, low-stress environment

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