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Diane Gaddis

Sunset over the Mountains

I am half Asian and American Norwegian. Departed Vietnam in 1975, and grew up in 5 countries. I've been in the USA since 1989, married for 27 years, with a daughter that just started at the UW (she's in the Husky Marching Band too!). I have climbed and summited Baker, Rainier, Adams, St. Helens, Sahale, Dragontail, Lundin, and many others. I was also on the climbing committee of the Seattle Mountaineers, which I'm likely returning to (took a long break to take care of my elderly dad).

Home City:




What I can help with:

So much to share. where to start? 1. how to pack 2. 10 essentials, 3. the must have courses to take [WFA, Navigation], 4. Edible plants 5. How to layer and keep dry 6. Knots, lots and lots of knots 7. rope management 8. how to walk uphills and not burn your calves out 9. shit you can do at home with practice rope and a carabiner 10. snow traveling 11. the books to get, the sites to save in your favorites 12. My favorite hikes 13. Plant identification and foraging, mushrooms anyone?

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