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Brigette Takeuchi

Sunset over the Mountains

Hey there! My name is Brigette and I am an avid trail and ultra runner with a passion for pushing my limits. You can find me running up mountains, traversing high ridgelines or power-walking myself up glaciers in my free time. I have spent years gaining knowledge in this type of travel and feel very fortunate to be able to spend my free time exploring remote areas of Washington's cascades.

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What I can help with:

I'm particularly interested in mentoring in trail/ultra running and mountaineering. As I start to pursue trail/ultra events at an elite level I have noticed a severe lack of diversity in the sport. In my own experience I found it difficult to find the right information in regards to training, nutrition and community. While I am by no means "an expert" I want to help others reach their own potential in whatever their pursuit may be.

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