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Trail Mixed Community Leaders

Trail Mixed Collective is seeking enthusiastic women of color (cis, non-binary, and trans-women) in the greater Seattle, Portland, and Bay Area who love outdoor centered sports and activities, are energized about building a strong community of women of color outdoors, and are excited to take on a leadership role in diversifying outdoor spaces.

What is a Community Leader? 

Trail Mixed is a small team of two. Community Leaders help us have an even greater impact by increasing the number of events offered each year. They're an integral part of Trail Mixed! For each city, the five (or three in CA) Trail Mixed Community Leaders commit to organizing and hosting four community events during their 13-month term ranging from activities like hikes, climbing gym meet ups, trail runs, brewery hangs to gear swaps based on the individual leader's interests and experiences. Their goal is to bring women of color together and build community over a shared love for the outdoors. 


We're seeking Community Leaders in the following areas: 

Seattle, Washington - 5 Community Leaders

Portland, Oregon - 5 Community Leaders

Bay Area, California - 3 Community Leaders  

Full details about the Community Role found in the link below. Please read and review expectations, requirements, and details here before continuing on with the application. 


Read the full Community Leader Description Here

Applications close 3/16!!

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