A Collective of Women

of Color Outdoors

Why Trail Mixed?

We created Trail Mixed to increase the diversity of women in outdoor sports through education, inspiration, access, and mentorship. As women of color ourselves, we've spent years learning and advancing our skills in the company of people who do not look like us. Still, movement in the outdoors has had a profound effect on our lives, helping us overcome physical and mental hurdles, gain confidence, discover new places, learn about ourselves, and meet lifelong friends - these experiences in the outdoors are for everyone - and our goal is to do our part in sharing them.


Our core purpose is increasing access to outdoor sports for women of color. We believe that approaching new outdoor sports and later, advancing at them, relies on a few things: inspiration from people we can relate to, access to education and gear, safe community spaces, and motivation and guidance from mentors who care. 


Join us as we work together to increase connections, community and opportunities for women of color in outdoor adventure sports. Join our movement and help us #mixupthetrails! 

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The Collective

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